George Mylander was an original member of the Wightman/Wieber Foundation Board of Trustees.  At meetings, George rarely responded ‎to topics on hand immediately or briefly. He spoke after listening & thinking. Detailed histories were included in his replies which made one follow his explanations full circle. We had to appreciate the depth at which George loved and served  his community. Then George would end, typically putting both hands on the table and conclude with ‎specific eye contact with each of us, simultaneously giving his grin. Without fail, each Wightman Wieber board meeting was punctuated by us all learning from George's experience and respectfully returning his grin in kind.


The George Mylander - Michelle Wightman-Karrie Wieber Charitable Foundation Scholarship is a $5,000 annual award.



1. Senior at BGSU Firelands

2. Prefer a student majoring in education

3. A Sandusky High School graduate…

    ….if not then a student who graduated from an Erie County high school

4. No GPA requirement

5. A student exhibiting need and deserving financial aid for undergraduate degree completion     


November 2018 - Claudia Gonzalez


Thanks to donors, more than $240,000 in scholarships were given to BGSU Firelands students, who were recently honored during the school’s 19th annual scholarship breakfast at the Cedar Point Center on campus.


One scholarship recipient, Claudia Gonzalez, spoke about her journey. As a Sandusky High School student, she began taking classes through the College Credit Plus program at BGSU Firelands’ campus in 2012. She’s expected to graduate next spring with a four-year degree in early childhood education.


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